Why 78% Of Company Presents Are Re-Gifted? Save Your Useful Corporate Gifts From The Same Fate

The desire of becoming one of the most renowned names in the business industry is immense. Therefore, there have been many techniques used to influence the clients to ensure their loyalty. Even for employees, to make certain that they reach a specific aim.

One such method is of giving out gifts to build immense recall. However, a problem arises when the gift given is not usable. Not receiving practical gifts results in the re-gifting of the said present. Therefore, give gifts that are easily incorporated in the lives of the professionals. Apart from being useful, if the articles are eye-pleasing the receiver will surely be ecstatic.

We at Melangegift know and understand the worth of every coin. Hence, we introduce the top range to create brand awareness, repute and recall. Keeping the purchasers in mind.

Save your useful corporate gifts from the same fate, save your company’s brand name. Now, attract potential clients easily.


Presents For Professionals To Certify Brand Awareness


Because They Surely Deserve The Finest!

Silver Flower Pen Stand


Trying to find a lost pen is difficult but the quest of finding the pen in an office is whole other story. Guarantee the safety of recipient’s pen.

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Peacock Pen Stand 


A trendsetter traditional gift with a twist. The professionals receive a ton of gifts with no place to set them. Give a gift with a fixed holder. 

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3-in-1 Office Accessory Set 


Hands-on office set for those who adore everything corporate related. Create allure with the three musketeers of the professional world. 

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2-in-1 Office Accessory Set


Buy useful corporate gifts that are must-have for any professional. Ensure the gift recipient’s important devices

aren’t left behind! 

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We bring 200+ articles in stocks ready to rescue your brand name!

Round Cutwork Silver Platter


Sky-rocket your repute with this stunning piece as a present. Get the gift recipents  to place the edibles perfectly. 

Investment worthy isn’t it?

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Silver Bowl Set


Give to those who love serving bulging delicacies in a piece of perfection. Become renowned in the business world with great professional gifts at every household.

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Duck Shaped Bowls Set With Tray

A set luxe bowls to get the professionals ready for a last-minute gathering. 

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Fluted Bowls Set With Tray

The chic duo from useful corporate gifts range makes for a wondrous gift and aids in maintaining a sophisticated look. 

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 Glass Silver Mug Set


Make ‘chai’ and coffee times special with these beauties. God knows, there’s a need for change from preposterous mugs at office.

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Ceramic Golden Mug Set


Give away useful corporate gifts instead of generic impractical ones. Ensure the recall of the brand amplifies with daily usage of the gift. 

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Knitted Silver photo frame

People do not remember days, they remember moments. Capture to display beautiful golden moments.

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Ridged Silver Photo Frame

A gift that goes a long way to amplifty the recall of your brand and the moments spent alongside the organization. 

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Peacock Motif Bowl

Want to be the one at the forefront of the professionals’ mind? Hand out thoughtful office gifts and be the one they praise about.

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Silver Flower Basket

Add elegance and zeal in on go to the office table or the dining table of the professional with this intricate bowl. 

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Square Motif Bowl

Be the face of the latest useful corporate gift ideas amidst the mundane gift giving companies. Certify your brand stays ahead.

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Enamel Silver Square Tray

Gleaming best gifts, this set of silver bling brings a pleasurable feeling to the table.

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The Best Features

Some added bonuses that will give you the contentment of choosing Useful Corporate gifts by MeLANgE!

GIVE presents as MULTI-TALENTED AS THEM Because USEFUL OFFICE GIFTS surely take a long way

Get Your Professionals Satiated With Quality, Purpose And Beauty Focused Presents Crafted By MeLANgE

Silver Plated Box


Gleaming boxes, this astounding of silver bling brings a pleasurable feeling to the table.

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Musical Piano Shaped Box


One of the finest present to give to a professional. Ensure they have munchies ready at fingertips reach in graceful packaging. 

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Rose Gold Plated Box 


Be the gift gaming changer with boxes that appear regal and are multipurpose in nature. 

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Red Ripple Silver Box


End handing out delicacies in dull bouquets. Add variety to your corporate gifting options with boxes of supreme quality.  

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