unique corporate gifts that become the talk of the town

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In this competitive corporate world, one wrong move and you can lose a lot of big opportunities from your clients. Choosing cliche and non-sophisticated gifts for them can be one of those wrong moves.

While it is difficult for us to prevent other mishaps, we can certainly help you in upgrading your gifting game. MeLANgE’s premium, silver-plated gifts prove to be one of the most unique corporate gifts. Scroll down to know the reasons behind it.

Represent Professionalism With Personalisable And Unique Corporate Gifts

Ideal for employees, clients and customers, these silver-plated artefacts are easily customisable and personalisable. The utility of the souvenirs makes them all the more praiseworthy and cherishable.

Handing out such luxurious and practical gifts will represent your brand’s goodwill and eventually, strengthen your relationships with your clientele.

Peacock Silver Pen Stand

Brand your business with confidence as you present exclusive corporate gifts that aid them.

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Elephant Mobile Stand

Spread brand awareness with useful gifts that support the professionals in their daily routine. 

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3-in-1 Office Accessory Set

Keep the brand at the forefront of the clients’ consciousness with unique corporate gifts.

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Unique Corporate Gifts That Make Your Brand Stand Out

Most of the people think of corporate gifting as an easy task and end up gifting something that almost everyone has gifted and received.

Opting for these unique corporate gifts that are not only immensely elegant but are also useful can make you stand out among your competitors.

Intricate Round Tray

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Intricate Rectangle Border Tray

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Peacock Motif Bowl

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Enamel Silver Square Tray

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Square Motif Bowl

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Cutwork Silver Platter

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As the packaging sets the first impression of the gift, MeLANgE offers free aesthetic gift boxes to ensure that all your impressions are positive on the recipient’s mind.

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Jewelry Box

The Best Features

Some added bonuses that will give you the contentment of choosing Unique Corporate gifts by MeLANgE!

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