Sponsor joy for family-choose perfect Gifts For Family On Diwali from melange

What makes MeLANgE unique?

  • An excellent collection of 500+ silver plated Gifts that will win hearts at first sight.  
  • Presentation of gifts is an important aspect. We offer Outstanding & Premium Gift Boxes
  • Make an unforgettable memory for your important people with long lasting gifts.
  • Free doorstep delivery PAN India assured by MeLANgE.

Give The Best Possible Gift, This Diwali!

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    Stay Away From Conventional Gifts With MeLANgE’s Family Gifts For Diwali

     A simple yet unique Diwali gift means more than  any monetary donation. Why? Simply because gifts embed a sense of belonging and develops positive family environment.

    Pick the ultimate Diwali gifts for family from MeLANgE.

    Cool Desk Accessories

    Luxury Accessory Set

    Mug Sets


    Bowl Sets

    Support Family Values By Diwali Gifting From MeLANgE

     Studies have actually found that we feel a greater sense of happiness when spending money on others as opposed to when we spend the money on ourselves.

    The look on the recipient’s face when they open their gift provides a psychological lift to other person and produce the  euphoric feelings of pleasure and joy. Be A bearer of joy for your family!

    Photo Frames

    Sunflower Bowls

    Silver Boxes

    Strengthen Relationships With The Best Possible Family Gifts For Diwali By MeLANgE

    Most Diwali gifts end up being useless and thrown away in a corner or get circulated among others. Don’t let your gifts meet the same fate. Gift Unique! Gift Flawless, This Diwali!

    a beautiful silver bookmark with an enameled butterfly, studded with crystals


    A Uniquely Crafted Butterfly Shaped Bookmark

    A Set of Two Wine Glasses With A Radiant Silver Plating in The Bottom

    Wine Glasses

    Gifts That Serve Excellence

    a Silver plated Airplane Keychain


    A  Shiny Keychain For Daily Usage

    Get Flamboyant Gifts For Family On Diwali Delivered At Your Doorstep, By MeLANgE!

    A thoughtful and well-timed gift can strengthen and develop your connection with your family.  Gifts don’t make them happy because they are lavish grand gestures or excessively expensive, they make them happy because they allow you to connect with someone you care about. Shop from MeLANgE, this Diwali.

    Silver Platters

    Jewelry Boxes

    Silver Bowls

    Switch Out From Rudimentary Gifts And Get Your Hands On Fashionable Diwali Gifts By MeLANgE

     Expressing our love through a gift is a common thing with any type of connection.  Sometimes words can’t express what you feel, but a thoughtful gift can. Shop the best for your family, this Diwali!

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    Express Affection To Family This Diwali-Shop At MeLANgE!

    Establishing effective relationships can help  effectively support families from all backgrounds. Your family deserves the best gifts there can be , for Diwali.

    Take them by surprise and excitement as you be the bearer of bliss. Gift from MeLANgE and be hurled with tonnes of compliments.

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    MeLANgE is a sister concern of the very

    renowned Beliram Silverware that has been providing pure and authentic silver items to its customers since 1970, with 4th generation successfully taking forward the business. We deal in all things opulent, intricate and beautiful. 

    And Some More…

    Some added bonuses that will give you a contentment of choosing Diwali gifts for family and friends by MeLANgE!

    Some Of The Many Companies That Continue To Put Their Faith In MeLANgE
    Our Clients that include Taj, Nestle, Lupin, Emcure, Tata Steel and many more.
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