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2-in-1 Office Accessory Set

A gifting set for professionals that is more than just a mere formality gift. This 2-in-1 office accessory set consists of a fluent pen with light brownish exterior and a keychain of the similar color. In addition to that, incorporate charm into the routine of the employees. 

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The pink stone, rose shaped pen stand in a silver-plated article and apt for the table tops as a part of the corporate gifting. Besides, hand out gifts that have the higher chance of being within reach of the corporate employees and aid in building brand loyalty with each fluent stroke from the pen. 

Pink Crystal Pen Stand

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Knitted Design Silver Photo Frame 

Grab the chance to give a personalized gift and be at the forefront of the employees even after they have long left your brand. Rather than giving conventional gifts, for the better outreach, stand apart from the other gift giving organizations with a best new year gifts for employees that exudes elegance and a personal touch. 

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The multicolor themed photo frame is one of the finest gifts with unsurpassed quality that is highly accepted by the employees to add color to their desks. Furthermore, imprint the golden days spent as well as your brands’ name in their minds effortlessly. 

Multicolor Enamel Silver Photo Frame  

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The Shining Gift For New Year For Employees To Dine In With Luxury 

Evoke immense recall with the unorthodox New Year’s Gifts For Employees in the exclusive ranges to adorn the dining tables of the professionals. 

Crystal Bowls With Tray

With its winsome appearance, this set of bowls makes for an exceptional gift for the employees to give. Moreover, the flower shaped design with a pearl atop helps your gift to be the center of attention.

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Ball Beaded Bowls With
Tray And Spoon

Stun the employees of your organization with a gift set of effortless usage. The balls embedded at the rim of the bowls provide the employees with a modish look to mull over your brand each time they glance at the product.

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Fluted Silver Bowl Set of Four

The silver-plated bowl set of four has a scalloped design and can be used to serve sweets, dry-fruits and even snacks. Lift up the repute of the organization with a gift that serves multiple purposes.

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New Year Gifts To Employees To Grab Their Attention And Erode Their Swaying Loyalty 

Choose The Best New Year Gifts For Employees To Add Grandeur To The Tables

Ball Beaded Bowls With Spoons

Incorporate in the lives of the employees a set of four captivating bowls that guarantees that the gift recipients reminisces over the brand even in their joyful moments. 

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The hammered design of the bowls is the reason enough to grab any onlookers attention. Moreover, paired with a scalloped shaped tray, the bowl set is opulent enough to become the ‘talk of every household’. 

Hammered Bowl Set With Tray

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Silver Flower Mug Set 

Equip the employees of your organization with a mug set of silver-plated flower patterned design on its exterior. Furthermore, turn the corporate gifting into a memorable one with a gift set that transforms the mornings’ into good ones. 

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The diligent workers of the brand deserve this exquisite piece of fashionably designed tray. In addition, the gift is crafted with finesse and vigor, hand this as a to be placed on the tables brimming with delicious delicacies and become the brand the employees thank to be associated with. 

Intricate Flower Pattern Tray 

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